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Founded in 1977, Motability is a national charity helping disabled people, their families and carers become mobile. As one of the founding manufacturers of the programme, Ford are delighted to have supplied over half a million Motability vehicles to date.

Ford has been commended by Motability Operations for its performance and consistent excellence in the charity’s annual Supplier Awards. Motability Operations manages the Motability Scheme for more than 600,000 disabled people and their families.

Ford is one of the largest suppliers of vehicles to Motability, delivering in excess of 48,000 vehicles to Motability customers in 2012. This means Ford accounts for one in five of the vehicles delivered via the Motability scheme.

We know that having a car can give you the freedom of independence. With Ford Motability, we can also provide you with real freedom of choice, with an extensive range of award-winning cars that deliver versatility and roominess without compromising on performance, driveability or style.


How it works in three simple steps

Step 1. Choose your car

Your Ford Motability Specialist can help you choose the car to suit you best.
To find the one that’s right for your needs, it’s important you experience our cars first hand.
We can arrange either an accompanied test drive, or a test ride if you’re going to be the passenger.
If it’s easier, we can also organise home visits.

Things you’ll need to consider include:

  • Can you get in and out of the car easily enough?
  • Is there enough room for everything you need to carry with you (e.g. mobility aids, wheelchairs, etc.)?
  • Can you use the controls easily as they are, or do they need to be modified for you?

Step 2. Place your order

When you’ve decided on your car, your Dealer will set up your agreement by entering your details, and those of the car,
into Motability online. The price is now guaranteed against that vehicle from this point.
At this stage, a wide range of adaptations can be ordered and these will be ready for you when you collect your car.
Motability check your eligibility with the Department of Work and Pensions and confirm back to your Dealer
(usually within 48 hours) that they can place an order for your Ford vehicle.

Your Dealer will then be able to advise you when your new car will be delivered, which could be as little as a few weeks.

Step 3. Collect your car

We need to give Motability Operations 5 days notice of confirmation of your delivery date. Once your delivery date is confirmed, your Dealer will finalise your insurance, loss and damage protection details.

When you go to collect your car, they will give you a thorough handover so you’re familiar with the key features.

To finance your car, you’ll also need your PIN number sent to you from Motability Operations to sign the hire agreement online.

Finally, if you have an Advance Payment, this will need to be paid to the Dealer (in one lump sum).

Your tax disc will be provided by DVLA in the post to your home address within 14 days of your collecting the car, while Motability Operations will hold the V5 document. You are now free to enjoy your new car from Ford Motability.

At Motorcare Alnwick we offer you a wide range of vehicles on the Motability Contract Hire scheme, many of which are available at Nil Advance Payment. To be eligible, you will need to be receiving the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (HRMC-DLA), the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (WPMS).

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